Secondary School attached to the Faculty of Education, the University of Tokyo

Education at “Toudai Fuzoku”

Secondary School Attached to the Faculty of Education, The University of Tokyo

The founding of the Fuzoku, the secondary school attached to the faculty of education, is in 1948, as the successor of the former Tokyo High School (Tokyo Kotogakko). From the very beginning, Fuzoku has collaborated with the University of Tokyo in providing a comprehensive education which covers the 6 years of junior and senior high school. Fuzoku distances itself from so-called entrance examination-oriented education (which Japanese secondary education is known for), and strives to develop in its students, a balanced and solid basis for multifaceted interests to blossom. Fuzoku offers a large selection of unique learning opportunities to attain this goal.

As a school with a joint junior-senior high curriculum, it frees itself from the pressures of the entrance examination which tends to affect teaching in regular junior and senior high schools. Rather, Fuzoku offers education which is designed to help students deepen their thoughts at their own pace.

As an accumulation of the learning which occurs in this context, students are asked to submit a graduation thesis at the end of their 6 years. Starting from day one, the students learn how to gather material, and discuss common themes (years 1-2). They then move on to choose from thematic classes in their next two years, and in the last two years, they write their thesis. For their graduation thesis, students choose their own themes and conduct research, individually guided by a teacher-advisor. Thesis instruction is one of the major characteristics of teaching at Fuzoku, and is regarded very highly as assisting the development of independent thinking in students.

Fuzoku also collaborates with the Graduate School of Education and the University of Tokyo in linking educational research and practice. Joint projects, such as research on twins, has been regarded highly for its originality. Fuzoku attracts various envoys from around the world.

Fuzoku also accepts student-teachers from the University of Tokyo. The students are assigned to a staff, and receive intensive on-the-job training.

Fuzoku is also known for its emphasis on student autonomy, and students are encouraged to organize and manage not only in their regular classes, but also during various occasions, such as in student council activities, school events, school clubs, and assemblies involving students, parents, and staff.

We at Fuzoku hope that through their education, students will be able to reach their full potential in whatever area their interests lie.

December 19, 2017